Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Realism, Reality and Real


The term “realism” is used in two different ways. Firstly, it refers to a movement in the writings of novels during 19th century that includes writers like Balzac in France, George Eliot in England and William Dean Howells in America. Secondly, it refers to a mode of writing in different eras and literary form that represents human life and experience in way that appears realistic to the readers.

Define and Explain “real”, “reality” and “realism”:
  • “Real” means existing as a thing or occurring as a fact. Actually what is not imaginary is real.

  • “Reality” is the quality of being real. But the qualities that make an object to appear real are not fixed. It varies with regard to time, place and individual.

  • The term “realism” refers to a literary movement that took place in 19th century. It is also a method of writing that represents the subject matter (it may be commonplace or rarer aspects of life) in a credible way so that the readers may take it as real.

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